Pacific - Sounds By Benja (Prophet Rev2 Sound Bank)

Pacific - Sounds By Benja (Prophet Rev2 Sound Bank)

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24 sweet sounding patches for the Prophet Rev2 Synthesizer (both keyboard and desktop module)

Contains a mix of patches created from scratch and alterations of factory patches

List of patches:

  • P1 Thoop BENJA
  • P2 Smoother Thoop BENJA
  • P3 Buzzy Thoop BENJA
  • P4 Toy Piano BENJA
  • P5 Effervescent BENJA
  • P6 White Resonance BENJA
  • P7 Blue Brass BENJA
  • P8 Bare Brass BENJA
  • P9 Sharp Brass BENJA
  • P10 Blue Stabs BENJA
  • P11 Bird Call BENJA
  • P12 Squelcher BENJA
  • P13 Lover Split BENJA
  • P14 Rhodes BENJA
  • P15 Summer BENJA
  • P16 Blue Solo BENJA
  • P17 Partner Pluck BENJA
  • P18 Memor80s BENJA
  • P19 River Nights BENJA
  • P20 Not in Love Bass BEN
  • P21 Blue Sunset Plucks BENJA
  • P22 Big Shimmer BENJA
  • P23 Pacific Takeoff BENJA
  • P24 ModWheelUp BENJA

Here is a demo of the patches:

Important notes:

  • The sound bank has 127 sounds, first 24 are Benja's sounds and the remaining are already existing factory patches
  • Importing this sound bank will overwrite all 127 patches on the user bank you import to, so make sure to backup the patches you have on your user bank before overwriting.
  • Recommended software for importing the sound bank: 

    Soundtower's Prophet Rev2 SoundEditor

  • Use the software's Librarian for importing/saving/exporting patches for your synthesizer
  • Tutorial on how to use the Librarian: link

Specifications & Requirements

All sounds were recorded in 24-bit / 48kHz sample rate (WAV file format)

Compatible with the following:

  • Ableton Live 10 Standard/Suite (v10.1.43 and up)
  • Ableton Live 11 Standard/Suite (v11.2.7 and up)
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Thick, lush, analog bass 

Elevate your music production with this collection of 5 Ableton-compatible instrument racks featuring unique and iconic bass sounds. 

Belter Bass, Moogly Bass, Sawtooth Ripper, SciFi Dagger, Thoop Bass

Analog Bass Volume 1 Cover Image

Hear them in action 🎶

  • Instant installation

    Easily load these instruments. Just drag and drop into an empty MIDI track and you're ready to go

  • High resolution instruments

    Each instrument rack contains over 100MB of recordings making up identical recreations of the analog synth patches, mapped and zoned for maximum resolution

  • Endless sound sculpting capabilities

    Every rack comes loaded with pre-selected audio effects and macros. Swap plugins for your favorite ones and create your own macros

  • Macro variations included

    5 pre-defined macro presets for each patch, each sound standing on its own

    (only available for Ableton Live 11)

Identical recreations of analog synth patches

Focus on being creative and staying inspired

  • Concentrate on bringing your ideas to life, rather than getting bogged down with endless knob tweaking and parameter setting.
  • On the beach, in a plane or deep in a forest - produce with these sounds anywhere. Take them with you on-the-go without lugging around a large synthesizer.

Quality versus quantity

  • You probably use 20% of your plugins/samples to make 80% of your tracks. These versatile instrument racks will become staples in your production toolset, just like your favorite reverb or filter plugin.
  • In the same way a chef relies on premium ingredients to make delicious dishes, you need quality sounds like these to craft exceptional tracks.
  • No more downloading 700MB+ sample packs with thousands of unusuable sounds you'll never organize. This is a handpicked collection of timeless patches that will bring depth to your musical creations.
  • Samples were recorded with the following premium tools:

    • Mogami 2319 cables - unmatched for accuracy, extremely low noise and superior build quality
    • Furman Power Conditioner - critical for filtering out static noise, hums, and external signals for crystal clear recordings
    • Universal Audio Apollo x8 Audio Interface - UA's elite-class AD/DA converters and Dual Crystal clocking capturing pristine, artifact-free audio
    • Solid State Logic XLogic G-Series Stereo Bus Compressor - adding depth and classic analog sheen
    • Rupert Neve Master Buss Processor - final touch for control and power

Analog Tides Volume 1 - The Full Collection

Elevate your music with the warmth and depth of analog synth samples